Silv​e​​r ​Bulle​t ​Healing​

A​ si​mple solution to a complicated problem.

Life is good, isn't it?

You are successful. 

You are at the top of your game. 

You worked hard and are now picking the fruits of your labour. 

By all standards, life is good.

But how come it doesn't feel that way? And what is it? You can't put your finger on it. 

Sure, you can keep on doing the work you have been doing. Basically you would be cruising towards retirement. 

Which is an option.

But at this moment in time you are worried that if you go for that option, life might pass you by. 

It would feel like the beginning of the end. And you are not ready for that.

There is that curious feeling, that there is more to life than this. How can that be? I have got everything anyone could wish for....... And the 'more to life' doesn't mean more of the same.

This has been going on for quite some time now. You may even have tried a couple of things. But nothing has shifted that curious feeling. This feeling can take various forms. A feeling of not being fulfilled. That there should be more meaning to my life. Am I leaving a legacy? A sense of future. To name a few.

If this sounds like you and you want to get back into the driving seat of your life, book a 1.5 hour 'get to know me' call and we will take it from there.

My name is Anneke van Genderen. My speciality is to get results in 1 day. During this day we will get rid of whatever is holding you back to fully live the next phase of your life.

After the 1 day there will be 3 follow-up sessions to help you with any new issues that might arise.

1 day session

1 day to fully focus on you. Get to the core and get the sting out. One to one.

Plus 3 follow-up sessions.

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