Silv​e​​r ​Bulle​t ​Healing​

A​ simple solution to a complicated problem.

1  Sort it session

1  Sort it session.

This can be used in a couple of situations.

* When you want to get to know me without committing to a whole day.

* When there is something you want to discuss, which  doesn't warrant a whole day. Why use a hammer when a nutcracker will do?

* When you have done a 1 day session, are living your new life, and are bumping into something new.

A sort it session is 1.5 hour up to 2 hours.

How to go about this?

* Go to the booking page.

* Choose: Sort it session.

* Click on: Book me. 

* Choose a date and time.

* Pay.

* You will get an email with a zoom link.

* And we will meet online.

3  Sort it sessions

When things still don't warrant a whole day. But you feel that a bit more input is required.

3  Sessions of 1.5 hour each.

How to go about this?

* Go to the booking  page.

* Choose: Package of 3  Sort it sessions.

* Click on: Book me.

* Choose a date and time.

* Pay.

* You will get an email with a zoom link. 
* The email also contains a link to book the next 2 sessions.

* And we will meet online.

Is anger holding you back?

Is anger holding you back?

Are you going through life angry?

Are things falling apart because of your anger?

Jobs? Relationships? Daily life?

What is this?

It is possible to so something about it, which is short and easy. The only things you need are an open mind, the willingness to change and the ability to follow instructions.

How to go about this.

You book the session.

Tell me what the issue is and how you would like your life to be instead. Absence of anger is not the answer I'm looking for. What will your life be like, once anger has been dealt with? What is it you are looking forwards to?

I explain how the process works.

We do the process.

The process includes dealing with anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Which may seem more than you bargained for. But, for example, in our western culture it is not acceptable for men to be sad, or fear something, or to feel hurt or guilty. However, it is acceptable to be angry (to a degree). So quite often once you get rid of anger, one of the other emotions will come up. And since it is an quick and easy process, we might as well deal with all of the emotions.

This doesn't mean that you will never be angry again. It just means you start with a clean slate whilst having learned the lessons you needed to learn. If something horrible happens, you can still be angry. You just won't fly off the handle for nothing in particular anymore.

You set a goal to focus on what it is you want in your life.

What if.....

What if you don't do anything about your anger? Life continues as you know it. Which in a weird way is familiar to you.

What if you do something about it? Life will change. It will create space for other things to happen in your life. Positive things. The choice is yours.


This short session is not for anger that originates in trauma. By booking this session you confirm that you have read and understood this and that there is no trauma in your life.

Last minute booking

If you would like to speak to me asap, you can check this booking header.

It will show available space in the coming few days.

Since it is a last minute booking the price is extremely low, and there is no cancellation possible. Any booking further into the future will be for my normal fee.

You will receive one confirmation email only.

1 day session

1 day to fully focus on you.

Sort yourself out the quickest way I know how.

Using everything at my disposal to get you in better shape, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Please note that healing is not the same as curing. AND; Healing creates space for new things to happen in your life.

1 day session

Rather than doing 1.5 to 2 hour sessions for several weeks, we start in the morning and keep on going until we are done.

The day will contain any and or all of the things I have learned in order to get to the core, get the sting out and get you on your way again.

* You will be asked to answer some questions before the day and send them in.

* For the day itself you will be required to have an open mind and eagerness to change your current situation.

* You will also get homework at the end of the day.

Most clients, regardless of their level of physical fitness report a good night sleep after this day.

If you can, take the next couple of days off work because:

* To give you time to rest and let things sink in. Sleep, rest, drink plenty of water.

* To get to grips with whatever your homework is.

Because so much change takes place during this day:

Make sure there is someone you trust around when you are home the next couple of days.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, book the intake session.

If it turns out that the 1 day session is not for you, the intake session will most probably clear up some things in your life. All of the people who decided not to go ahead with the 1 day session said that this intake chat was very beneficial.

What if you don’t do anything about your current situation? It will stay the way it is and it most probably will get worse.

What if you do something about your current situation? (with me or someone else.) You will be working towards change. And if you choose for the 1 day session, change will be fast. 

Admittedly, it is not for the fainthearted…. It really isn't. Working on yourself for a whole day is very intense. But the end result will give you choice. Freedom to choose. When you are stuck in life, choices are taken away from you. Once you are unstuck, you have freedom to choose again.

After the 1 day, there will be 3 follow up sessions to keep the momentum going and iron out new things you find on your path.

How to go about this?

* Book your intake session.

* We have a chat to see if this is the right thing for you to do right now. (Allow up to 2 hours.)

* If it is, you will get homework and we set a date for your homework to be completed.

* I will send you a link for the 1 day session.

* You book and pay.

* You do your homework and send it in on time.

* You come in for the 1 day session!

* This can be done in person or via internet.

* There will be 3 follow up calls to see how you are doing / ask any questions / keep you on track.

The breakthrough session costs £3000. The intake session is £90. The remaining £2910 will be paid when you book your 1 day session.