Silv​e​​r ​Bulle​t ​Healing​

A​ simple solution to a complicated problem.

G. Cast

Thank you for helping me get to the root of the problem of my life. 

Here's to a more positive future.


First good night sleep in years.


Thank you for helping me let go and find the love for myself.


A most interesting, enlightening and therapeutic session. I await the future with interest. 

Many thanks.


Thank you so much for releasing me and empowering me. With love and a hug.

Italo Sifuentes

I had 2 knots in my lower back for about 6 months and couldn't fully use it for work or any other activities. Post massage, and only 1 massage of 20 min., I could feel the difference and had found that I could fully utilize my lower back again. And the 2 knots were gone.

Another massage I had focused around my neck and shoulders. Although painful, I suddenly found I can feel them, which I couldn't before. Overall brilliant and would recommend anyone receive a massage from Anneke.


Relaxing and does take you out of yourself.


Very useful :) I'm feeling a lot better about managing my anger!


Thank you, was very helpful!


A wonderful experience.

Cleared the fog.


I feel much better about it. It has helped me.


My session made me realize that it is not always to give but give time to yourself too.


Expect the unexpected! A pause for thought may change my life. Wow. :)